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 My name is Monica Crowsey. I have been a graphic designer/photographer since 2014 after obtaining my degree in graphic technology from Eastern Florida State College. I work in multiple facets of graphic art including the creation of signs, business cards, logos, gift designs, vehicle wraps, and more. My talents are facilitated by Adobe Creative Cloud. I take pride in all of my art and work to provide my clients with the greatest quality products. 

Why Me

Prompt Efforts

 I work quickly, respond to requests the same day they are received, and guarantee a product my clients are happy with within a negotiable time frame (depending on the volume of work). Most logo packages can be turned around within 72 hours including opportunities to review them during the creation process, provide feedback, and allow for edits. Ensuring you're as proud to brand your business as I am to create the logo that represents it.

Affordable Prices

While my work comes at the highest quality, I work as an independent freelance artist. This allows me to offer unbeatable pricing and package deals to help people save money while still getting a professional product. Package offers provide you the flexibility to shop for what you need. Have questions? Just ask! I'm happy to discuss deals for what suits your needs.

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